Family allowances generally have to be paid until the minor child has graduated from secondary school or is 19 years of age, whichever comes first. A family lawyer can ask the court to change the amount of child benefits if circumstances change, such as an increase or decrease in a parent`s income. Any child allowance that has not been paid since separation can be ordered by the court for reimbursement, this is also called arrears. At Liberty Law, our Florida family law attorneys explain the new child custody laws (now called timeshares), inform you of your timeshare rights and options, and inform you of the estimated cost of a custody dispute. With years of exclusive experience in family law, we offer competent and compassionate legal representation and remain accessible to our clients throughout the process. You will always know the status of your file. When choosing a lawyer to help you with family matters, it`s important to find someone who cares about you both and has the experience to give you the results you want. Our law firm has some of the best lawyers in the state working on behalf of families in Northeast Florida. Many family law clients worry about their legal fees and often stay up at night wondering what their next bill will be or how much that letter, phone call or email will cost. Flat rates eliminate uncertainty in the process and give customers the ability to know in advance what their case will cost. Before entering into an attorney-client relationship with a divorce lawyer, sit down with the lawyer and talk about their approach to family law matters. Some lawyers are quite aggressive and will immediately take a hostile approach on your behalf.

Of course, if you like this style, you will like this particular avocado. On the other hand, you may appreciate a more subtle and collaborative approach. This type of collaborative process works best when both parties are actively communicating and working towards goals that benefit everyone. So ask yourself this key question: which path would be more beneficial to you, collaboration or confrontation? The important thing is to recognize the type of approach your lawyer likes to use. Few family law issues are more controversial than those involving money or children. In the case of child support, both issues are highly at stake. Florida courts no longer favor the mother in custody decisions and have supported a relatively equal sharing of time between parents in recent years. This is important because the determination of child support is based in part on the amount of parental leave or overnight stays with each parent. Each state has slightly different family laws, as does the federal government. In the area of child support or child support, the State of Florida has child support policy charts such as the following: At Liberty Law, we offer our clients years of family law experience and responsive service.

If you have a child outside of marriage and need help determining child support or a regulation that establishes parental responsibility and time-sharing rights, we can help you with a paternity application. Our clients appreciate our positive, helpful and energetic approach to helping them through a difficult time. Contact a paternity lawyer at our office today. In a recent family law case, the Florida First District Court of Appeals ruled that a court cannot fairly distribute a spouse`s Social Security benefits as matrimonial property. The court cannot even assess the benefit and consider it as matrimonial property in order to divide it “indirectly” by granting the other spouse other property to compensate for it. The First District Court ruled that actual Social Security benefits are not subject to equitable distribution under Section 407(a) of the United States Code. If you are considering a divorce or are involved in a custody dispute, you will need a family law lawyer by your side. Someone like Adam Sacks from the family law firm of Sacks and Sacks who has the knowledge and experience to take care of you and your children. Call us today at (904) 396-5557 for a free consultation.