Albany Legal`s team combines a wide range of legal expertise, in-depth knowledge and the ability to think beyond court to achieve the best results for its clients. Whether one-time or recurring, your donation allows us to support more people in the Deep South with legal, rental and disability assistance. | You`ll get the highest level of expertise in all the legal services you need Glenda is the first stop when you come to Barter Law. She is an experienced legal secretary who has a deep understanding of the New Zealand legal environment. Laurence has extensive legal experience working in a general practice in Dunedin (2009 – 2012), as a lecturer in common law at a university in Germany (2012-2014) and working on the North Shore since 2014. Although he trains on the coast and grew up in Albany, he plays football for Western Springs and lives with his family across the bridge. Julie joined the firm in June 2021 and brings approximately 35 years of experience in the legal and accounting sector. Rick`s legal career began in Parnell, where he ran his own law firm for 20 years. In addition to his work as a lawyer, Rick has taught business law, led business courses, and worked directly in the agriculture and tourism industries.

Through his own experience in the business world, he has developed a true understanding of common business interactions in New Zealand and the potential pitfalls that start-ups as well as long-established players are waiting for. Rick has been with Barter Law since 2011 and has helped make the firm what Barter Law is today. We are a full-service legal practice that focuses on the areas of legal practice where it has an advantage. Albany Legal is the law firm that emerged from Rick and Steve Barter, who combined their separate legal practices when the firm was called “Barter Law.” We work closely with our clients to help them achieve the best possible result. You can count on us to provide you with open legal advice, make the law understandable and we will work hard for you. Rick has built strong relationships with key businessmen throughout his career. His understanding of the business and legal environment in which his clients operate is invaluable. He is solution-oriented and his reasonable and absurd advice regularly saves clients time, money and stress. Receptionist/Legal Secretary E: [email protected] PH: 09 415 0000 If someone you know has recently passed away, we can take care of the legal implications. Albany Legal has a wide range of legal expertise and in-depth knowledge in all legal services, including business law, criminal law, property law and more.

We help people in the Deep South access legal rights, rental rights and the rights of people with disabilities. Entering or ending a relationship – we can help. Care, well-being and protection of the rights and property of persons approaching or having reached retirement age. Employee rights and employers` obligations. Laurence specialises in litigation and has experience in most courts in New Zealand, including district court, family court, high court and court of appeal. He regularly conducts jury trials for clients facing charges such as assault, drugs and fraud. He also appears in district and higher courts for clients involved in civil litigation and family law matters. They can make a difference for people who are at risk of homelessness, domestic violence or discrimination. Wendy is a grant practitioner with considerable experience in all types of transfer transactions. She has extensive experience in the areas of sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate, subdivisions, rentals and powers of attorney.

Chris has lived on the coast for 30 years and loves nothing more than enjoying his weekends with his family on barbecues or drone fishing. Chris is a trust specialist who provides clients with practical, easy-to-understand advice on all aspects of trust planning and management. Julie is responsible for all aspects of escrow, settlement, reconciliation and accounts payable management. He carefully ensures that clients` funds are processed in accordance with certain rules and regulations of the New Zealand Law Society. In addition to her accounting duties, Julie supports Rick Phillips as a personal assistant and office manager. Outside of work, Julie enjoys spending time with family and friends, fishing, gardening, reading and doing a lot of crafts. While trust law is his specialty, Chris also has experience in civil and criminal proceedings. He regularly appears for clients in civil and criminal cases before district and high courts.

He helps clients achieve positive results in commercial and commercial litigation and advises on trusts, wills, estate planning and employment matters. Laurence will represent your interests with passion and eagerness to ensure you get the best possible result. He is a lawyer who is not afraid to take care of difficult cases, but who also gives you clear and open advice if necessary. Glenda has been with Barter Law since 2008 and is an important part of the team. Her gardening skills are second to none and she might still find time to live out her dream of an extended vacation in the South Island. Business law covers all aspects of establishing, buying, operating, selling, rebuilding and closing a business. Wendy is our main contact for electronic processing with her contact person WDelaveau001. Chris understands the needs of his clients and is always available to help and advise you if needed. Zaid is a first-generation Kiwi whose family moved to New Zealand in 1997. Zaid was educated at Rosmini College and then completed his law studies at the University of Auckland while working in the FMCG industry. Zaid joins the firm with experience in commercial and transfer law, as well as experience in district court appearances; to think primarily of themselves as a transaction lawyer. Director, LLB E: [email protected] M: 021 927 648 DDI: 09 448 0501 Skype: Moodmaker62 FaceTime: Moodmaker62 She joined Barter Law in 2002 and has since been a pillar of the practice.

She has built relationships with clients that are measured in years and sometimes generations – this knowledge of the client and her situation sets Wendy apart from other intermediary professionals.