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The volume also contains a table of summarized cases. The American Institute of Architects` (AIA) Contract Documents Analysis addresses the most important concern of construction law, the interrelationship between the parties of all major construction projects. AIA Citator informs you about how this interaction affects your customers and ensures that you provide the most effective representation. The subscription is automatically renewed without the subscriber having to do anything The AIA Citator is divided into two main sections – the case-to-case and case tables – which allow a lawyer to quickly move from the terms of the contract to the cases he interprets. Document-to-case diagrams take you to cases where a specific EAR document is processed by section. The “Cases” section contains summaries that include the context of each case and a discussion of the relevant AEOI or similar written language. To speed up your research, a digest of cases is planned for all cases decided since 1974. The document-to-case diagrams list three types of cases: If you know the book but can`t find it on AbeBooks, we can automatically search for it on your behalf when a new inventory is added.

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The registration of subscribers to the automatic subscription program can be terminated at any time by: returning the invoice with the note “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION”; Call customer service at 800-833-9844; or by e-mail to customer.support@lexisnexis.com. The AIA Legal Citator is the only investigator authorized by the AEOI and the only one that lists and digests important federal and state decisions that interpret widely used AEOI construction contracts and related documents. In addition, this time-saving search tool is the only product that:.