How JET Motors is leading Africa into a new era of mobility with electric vehicles

The race for Africa’s electric vehicle (EV) space has already begun. Despite the many deterring challenges like poor power generation and infrastructure on the continent, some players have nonetheless, decided to be pioneers of the industry. In Kenya, ARC Ride has started penetrating the market with its electric two- and three-wheelers. Similarly, Rwandan start-up Ampersand […]

Meet the JET EV, Nigeria’s first electric-powered van by Jet Motor Company

Jet Motor Company (JET) is a tech-focused automobile assembly and design company with a global orientation and unifying goal to lead Africa into the future of mobility by producing and distributing world-class vehicles, suited for African roads. Founded in 2018 by Chidi Ajaere and led by a team of passionate professionals, JET is committed to reshaping […]

JET to Reduce Carbon Emission with Electric Vehicles

In a bid to preserve the Nigerian environment of carbon emission from fossil fuel cars, and to align with the world in making a gradual shift from combustion engines to electric vehicles, Jet Motor Company (JET), a tech-focused automobile assembly and design company, had introduced electric vehicles that are fit for Nigerian roads. The eco-friendly […]

Chinese Parts Help Jet Motors Assemble First EV Vans in Nigeria

A Nigerian vehicle assembler is importing parts from China to build electric cars in the nation, undeterred by the chronic power shortage in Africa’s biggest economy. Jet Motors, which assembles cars fit to traverse the nation’s potholed roads, is importing the power train of the vehicle from China’s Jing-Jin Electric Technologies Co., the battery from […]