JET to Reduce Carbon Emission with Electric Vehicles

In a bid to preserve the Nigerian environment of carbon emission from fossil fuel cars, and to align with the world in making a gradual shift from combustion engines to electric vehicles, Jet Motor Company (JET), a tech-focused automobile assembly and design company, had introduced electric vehicles that are fit for Nigerian roads.

The eco-friendly mobility is a fusion of European design and Asian technology, designed specifically to address poor road infrastructure in Africa, Nigeria inclusive. ربح حقيقي من الانترنت

Introducing the electric vehicle at a webinar press conference recently, the Founder of JET Motor Company, Mr. Chidi Ajaere, said the electric vehicles are targeted at corporate organisations that manage fleet of vehicles, to help them reduce cost of vehicle maintenance, since the electric vehicles come with premium qualities like Reinforced suspension, Reinforced shocks, Corrosion resistance, Increased ground clearance and Parts availability.


According to him, “Road transport contribution to global emission has reached 23 per cent and JET Motor seeks to join forces to reduce carbon emission on Nigerian roads. With the global projection that 54 per cent of global new car sales will be electric by 2040, while 33 per cent of world’s car fleet will be electric by 2040, Nigeria has reasons to embrace the adoption of electric cars on the Nigerian roads.”

He listed some of the features of electric vehicles to include: high capacity lithium-ion phosphate battery of 107.6kwh with a driving range of over 250km; Ingress protection car battery rating of IP68 and a decomposition temperature of 600 degree centigrade; A traction motor with a larger torque of 950Nm, making it possible for the vehicle to accelerate from 0-100 in less than 20 seconds and Supercharger, that can charge a 107.6kwh battery from 0-100 per cent state of charge in less than two hours.

Ajaere said the JET Motor electric vehicles have over 80 per cent operating and maintenance cost reduction, Improved health and safety standards due to zero emissions feature, Fewer moving parts resulting in simpler transmission and a quieter driving experience, Fast charging with 2-in-1 power charger, and the cars have the ability to travel across over 250 km on a single full charge.

Head, Technical Team at JET Motor, Mr. العاب عمل في الشركة Ebuka Uchendu , said the company would partner to establish charging stations at different locations across the country, as soon as Nigerians begin to adopt the JET Electric Vehicles. لعبة قمار اون لاين I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 67. Since that time, I’ve been taking several courses of Prednisone per year to halt the development of the disease and reduce muscle stiffness and spasticity. Usually, I start with 60 mg daily and gradually taper the dose to 10 mg a day. The side effects are insignificant. This drug is really helpful. He said rate of battery discharge is minimal, when the car is stationed at a poison during traffic or when not in use.